Transnet Vacancies: Check The Latest Available

By | 22nd Feb 2018

Transnet Vacancies: Check The Latest Available


Transnet vacancies will give you the opportunity to develop and grow with one of the popular companies in South Africa, especially when it comes to logistics and transportation. They want to appeal the talented and individuals, not necessarily young but the right people on the right place. Since the company is trying their best to be one of the best and biggest transportation company in the world in logistics distribution, they want to be sure that they are supported by the professional and skilled individuals.

What is Transnet?

It is basically a SOC (State Owned Company) belonging to South African Republic, responsible for the pipelines, ports, and also rail service. The company is created to improve the economy and the financial stability of South Africa through managing services and reliable freight delivery and transportation to satisfy the customers.

Transnet alone consists of:

  • TPL – Transnet Pipelines
  • TE – Transnet Engineering
  • TFR – Transnet Freight Rail
  • TNPA – Transnet National Ports Authority
  • TPT – Transnet Port Terminals

There are also other specialist units that include TP (Transnet Property), TCP (Transnet Capital Projects), and TF (Transnet Foundation). All in all, the company is responsible for the pipeline and port infrastructure that will lead to freight efficiency and volume.

Transnet Vacancies and the Principle of the Company

Transnet has set its basic platform in transformation and resourcefulness. The basic purpose of the company is to provide professional service that meets their customers’ need and requirements. There is never a demand too simple or too unimportant; for them, customer service is number one and they are trying their best to deliver only the best. The Transnet vacancies are designed to attract and also help the people with the right skill, tenacity, and passion. These positions are meant for them who aren’t afraid of challenges and obstacles in order to move forward.

A Professional Career in Transnet

The company believes in equality and fair treatment. a lot of the employees are coming from disadvantaged families and communities and yet the company is able to see the hidden talents. They are looking for passionate and determined people with good manner and positive conduct. Academic brightness is important but manner and behavior are far more important for them.

How to Apply for the Transnet Vacancies

Applying for Transnet vacancies isn’t difficult at all. In fact, it is quite easy. If you want to avoid the hassle, feel free to do the online application. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the official website of the company and search for the vacancy you want through the link ‘Job Search’
  • If you are interested in a position, you can register
  • After the process is done, you need to login.
  • Submit your application with a given reference code.
  • If you are still confused, you can consult the guidance provided by the company. It is called as the External Application User Guide and it should help you understand the entire process.

In short, if you really want to grow and manage a professional load of work, the Transnet vacancies will be able to do so in the most satisfying way. Check links below for latest available vacancies and application form.